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The Fields of Forever
Herman King - March 11, 2010

Are you annoyed by those forwarded e-mails that remind you how lucky you are to have entered "the golden years?" They are supposedly funny or inspirational, intended to cheer you (and the sender) up. But those of us who can barely able to get up in the morning and navigate through the day know better. We're supposed to be thankful that we're still able to breathe and move. But those minimal achievements are not sufficient to wax euphoric. If our neurons are still functioning we realize the end is near and longevity is another term for dying slowly. The body is subject to entropy, also known as the second law of thermodynamics. All closed systems eventually dissipate the energy therein and cease to function. In other words, a whole lotta nothing! And yet there is always hope. (Hope isn't as strong as faith, but it's better than the alternative). If there is another energy field nearby the two systems can exchange energy indefinitely What if there is a subtle, but real, universal energy field that keeps the entire cosmos alive and kicking? And if our consciousness is energy ,as some very smart people believe.( Field theories are propagating profusely in scientific circles these days) we can go on forever. I believe (though I guess hope would be a more honest word) that there is such an universal field and it is the Mind of the Cosmos. Some call it God.