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Flyover Country

Herman King  Nov 6, 2010

"Flyover Country" is the stretch of land in America between the two coasts. So designated by the snobbish elites who reside in Hollywood and New York City. (Jerry Lewis liked to boast how he enjoyed defecating on Mississippi). Residents of that area prefer calling it Middle America. Since our mass communications are largely headquartered on the two coasts, those elites have been winning the culture war. The strongest pocket of resistance to coastal hegemony is the Deep South. And that pocket keeps shrinking. Look how closely country music shows now resemble glitzy Hollywood celebrations. And politicians (including Republicans) cast aspersions on past generations of southerners. Historians have never focused on the North's role in slavery. The reason why no cotton plantations existed in the north the soil there was too stony. The insatiable need for more and more cotton was due to the textile industry. (Located in New York City). Most of the ships that transported slaves across the Atlantic were owned by northerners. Then there is the depiction on television of southern hicks being brutal and superstitious. (But do you know that no one was put to death for being a witch in the south, as was almost routine in New England)? Personally, I think it is time for the states in Flyover Country to consolidate and secede from the corrupt coastal elites. We can restart our Republic and once again have morning in America. All in favor, raise your hands. Good! I thought so.