1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Herman King 09

This being around Valentine's Day, I would like to give a toast to the girls of the class of 49, of which I had the privilege of being a member. As I recall there were many pretty girls, and as is typical the girls were generally smarter than the boys (though John McCurdy and I were the only two who won scholarships to West Virginia Wesleyan which neither of us used). Joanne Johnson was the proverbial preacher's glamorous daughter. Joanne winked at me once across the room and my heart skipped a beat. Ruth Burdette was one of those "cute as a button types. "I helped her with her lessons and Mary Bess needled me about it, saying that a student who got someone else to do her work was smarter than the one who helped her. What could I say? She was right. I also helped Raymond Ellard and he wasn't even cute.

Carolyn Thurmond was tall and attractive and smart. She lived outside town and it was a lovely place. I once walked there with her brother Jim really to see Carolyn. We corresponded for a while after she went to college.

Audrey Thompson was sort of shy like me, but I guess I was more shy than she. I never asked her out. Or any of the girls. After all, I lived 8 miles from town and didn't have a car. Besides, I thought they preferred football players to nerdy bookworms like me. Another reason: I was very cautious about high school romances. Too many young people try to grow up and have a family before they are ready. Guess I was never ready. They all seemed to get good husbands, anyway without ever experiencing romance with me, save perhaps Pearl who wound up with John McCurdy, (just kidding John)! If any of them are interested, we could celebrate my 80th birthday coming soon. I have an idea for another poll for Barry. How many married their high school sweetheart?

The ones I don't mention, is because I forgot their names.

But though I never developed a taste for football, I did for beer. So let me toast all of you sweet
things (you still look great in your class picture). Hope we all get to have at least one more reunion on earth before that Great Round-up in the Sky.