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Herman King - November 2008

November, (Latin: novem ,ninth month) reminds me of a doctor's ante-room. You sit and wait, sit and wait, apprehensive about what follows. The English poet Thomas Hood wrote an entire poem about November, titled simply No.  A line from which:

no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds-November!
no noon, no dawn, no dusk, no proper time of day-November!

The month starts off with All Saints Day, the day after Halloween and the second day of the month is celebrated in Mexico as the Day of the Dead. Photosynthesis in plants is shutting down so we have empty woods. Personally, I like to walk in the woods when they are bare, no ticks and other insects.  I also like to walk the beaches in November,  no crowds! There is much to be said for the sparse and the frugal, when life is nearing its minimal stage.  Energy has retreated into the zero point field and is brewing another outburst of creation from the void.

Where have all the colors gone
Why has the wind turned so cold
What has the sere November trees
Done with October's gold?

November was the ninth month of the year and retained its name before January and February were added to the Roman calendar. Nov. 1 is considered the first day of winter by the Irish. Nov. 15 (St Martin's feast day in parts of Europe.)
And of course, the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving! (I don't think it has been settled where it first occurred, Virginia and Massachusetts both being claimants.)
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. That is, until I grew old and ill and the doctor mandated small portions.

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