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The Journal Of The
Greenbrier Historical Society
Alderson, West Virginia
Written by Kenneth D. Swope

The Annexation of North Alderson

As recorded elsewhere, the C & O began serving Alderson in 1873, and the population rapidly began to increase.  In 1880 the population was 478 according to the U. S. Census.  The first bridge spanned the river in 1881 and the little town was ready to assume civic responsibility.  It became an incorporated town in 1881.  The corporation of Alderson was on the south side of the river only as most of the north side was farming land belonging to members of the Alderson family.

It was twenty-three years later before North Alderson proposed a municipal marriage with the corporation.  On December 29, 1904, a  committee from the north side met with Council to discuss the annexation.  The matter was debated and no action taken.  Four days later, on January 2, 1905, a petition to the Town Council signed by J. M. Alderson, G. K. Gwinn, William H. Hamlett, G. E. Bare and M. Levy was presented to Town Council asking that north Alderson be annexed to the town.  An Election was held January 27, 1905 on the question The results were:

South Alderson: For incorporation - 50;  Against - 20.
North Alderson: For incorporation - 55;  Against - 35.

On March 23, 1905, the vote was canvassed by the Town Council and North Alderson was officially married to South Alderson, subject to approval of the Circuit Court of Monroe County - which was granted later.

The last time the Town of Alderson attempted to add to the  corporation's area was in an election held June 3, 1941.  There were nearly 1000 registered voters in the town in 1940; 356 in South Alderson and 618 in North Alderson and but 289 of them voted in the election to take into the corporation the area bounded by Chase Street on the East, Route 54 South and East, and Hemlock Street on the north.

The voters inside the corporation voted to take in the section, 240 for annexation, 49 opposed.  Evidently the voters residing outside the corporation in the area to be annexed did not like the idea. They voted 30 to 10 against it.  The election lost.

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