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AHS Football 1932

Fran O'brien - May 25, 2015

In searching for the picture below I found this poem that might interest people of Alderson. Don’t know the year it was published but it was in print and found cut out and in my grandmother’s (Pearl Walton Bailey) scrap book. Its title was, “Oak Hill vs. Alderson” and written by Dot Meredith. It might have been in a contest because under the title it says: Honorable Mention. - Fran O'brien

Left to Right Line,:
Dot Meredith (E.); Abe Shires (T.); Edward Ballard (G.); Bob Early (C.); Frank Bailey (G ); Joe Keatley (T.); George Woodyard (E.). Backs : Bill Deppin (Q.B.); Hubert Simmons (F.B.); Everet Warren (R.T.)
Bill Fletcher (L.H.).


“Oak Hill vs. Alderson”
 by Dot Meredith

They met in the sea of mud
Oak Hill and Alderson Hi’
And when the game was over
It was a scoreless tie.

The “Indians” out played the “Red Devils”
And took the ball down the field:
But when a goal was in in sight
The “Red Devils” refused to yield.

Keadle, the star of the game
Made a beautiful 40 yard dash;
While Russell, McClung and Bailey
The Oak Hill line did smash.

Joe Sawyers, the Oak Hill star,
Was stopped on every play;
While Nowlan, Masssey and Black
Was always in Terry’s way.

Alderson made eleven first downs
Oak Hill made just nine;
Alderson had the best backfield
And Alderson had the best line.

Not sure what year this game took place but my grandmother must have kept it because my father, Frank was the Bailey in the poem. Maybe someone else knows the Keadle, Russell, and McClung.

Submitted by; Fran O’Brien daughter of Frank H. Bailey, class of 1933.

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