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The Fairness Doctrine
Barry Worrell 2008

Celebrating Independence Day will not be the only important event of this July 4th, 2008.  It's also the deadline for the congress to sign a petition to once and for all bury the so call "Fairness Doctrine".  The fact that it's called the Fairness Doctrine is misleading for the original piece grew out the fear of the infiltration of communism. Today it concerns talk radio.

Instead of going over it with a lot of legal babble, let me explain it in a more colloquial way.

Imagine yourself as a retailer and you have stores. You sell various items but your specialty is "green beans". Your business is owned by you and you are the one who worked hard for many years building that business and it has become very successful. The fact is, you believe in your product and the public likes your green beans.

Your next door neighbor is also a retailer and has stores. Like you, he has a specialty, but it's "blue beans". He also believes in his product, however a higher percentage of the public likes your green beans much better that his blue ones, and his business suffers for lack of the public buying his product. Some of his stores fail and the ones he still has struggle to survive regardless of how much funds he puts into them. His product used to sell very well for many years, until your stores came along and offered an alternative product.

Your neighbor doesn't think this is fair. His main concern is to keep his product in front of the public even if they likes your product better than his.  Since there are a lot of people in influential places who believe as he does, he petitions them to pass a law to force you to sell his beans in your store. He also wants you to put the same effort into his beans as you do yours. Sort of giving them "equal time".

This could turn out to be a two edged sword. He may have to sell your beans in his store and give them equal time as his. But I doubt that he will maintain an equal amount of stores as long as he has you to sell his beans.  (For a complete description and parties involved, see Wikipedia)

Give your congressman a call, tell him what you think.