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New Signs For Historic District

Face Book - September 8, 2016

Some people see an issue and keep on going. Others see an issue and do something about it. Joe Alderson saw that the Historic Business District sign was in bad need of replacement. It was not doing its job of drawing customers to the "Monroe" side of Alderson. He worked with a sign company to get a new design and, with some financial help from Alderson Main Street, the posts and concrete from T Barkley Tax Accountant, and physical help from Travis Barkley and others, the new sign was installed. Alderson's True Value store donated some of the materials for the installation. Thanks, Joe, and everyone who helped!

Also, these gorgeous signs were extremely expensive, but Joe wanted only the best for our town. At the time, he was also in a rush to get the sign up before the 4th of July Celebration...but the flood intervened. So if any individuals and/or businesses like what this image does for us, please consider donating any amount you can to help pay for this part of the sign. This is essentially Phase 1 and Joe hopes to move forward to add Phase 2 in the near future. Any help he can receive in covering the balance of the initial costs will help us move forward more quickly. AND, any businesses on the Monroe Side of the Historic District who would like to buy an individual sign as part of Phase 2 may message Joe, me (Sarah), or Alderson's Store here on Face book to begin that process, and we'll connect you by email. Please spread the word and share this post, too! Thank you!!

For those who are wondering why the signs are so tall, the long range plan is to have another sign beneath the top one which lists individual businesses.

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