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David Shields - March 8, 2010

Barack Obama and his support machine throughout his first year as President has been fascinating. They have been a show like no other in the political arena. Wailing and flailing, sputtering and spewing, changing and hoping, two-stepping, bumbling, fumbling and lying to the American people daily has filled all three rings of their circus better than P. T. Barnum ever did.

Let me say upfront that I voted for Obama. It was clear that he was going to win anyway. He was a silver-tongued black man who afforded the American electorate an opportunity to assuage their guilt for their and their ancestors treating blacks so poorly over a long period of time!

Moreover, the Republican Party had become corrupt and was stealing the country blind. The GOP was simply leading the country toward an end much like that which destroyed the 1000-year-old Roman Empire. On top of that they had the unmitigated gall to nominate John McCain for President who, in turn, showed more gall than his Party by picking Sarah Palin as a running mate. Don’t get me wrong: I have the utmost respect for McCain as a man and war hero. But he is not, never will be, presidential material. Doesn’t have the disposition nor the temperament for it. His election would have done the country more harm than Obama’s. And Palin is a ditz who scares reasonable people everywhere.

That backdrop in place, it became a perfect opportunity for the American people to experience first hand what an Obama presidency would be like. So far it has turned out as expected. In one year Obama has managed to undo all recent Democratic gains. Congressional approval ratings have gone South; Obama’s approval ratings have hit new lows.

But best of all, it seems the one lesson the electorate needed to learn is beginning to sink in. Big government run by big spenders with clear socialist-Marxist tendencies is not setting well with them. And something else: party politics is no longer serving the interests of the people. If it ever did.

Of course, the country is in peril but it is my firm belief that the American people will apply the brakes to some of the cancer growing in Washington by turning out of office a passel of two-headed, forked-tongue members of a completely dysfunctional Congress in both parties this November. In many respects, this will be Obama’s great legacy and, perhaps, his greatest service to the Nation, albeit completely unintentional and unwanted.

Going into their second year, Obama and his radical, left-wing support team remain just as fascinating, if not more so, than they were in their failed first year. It’s not for the lack of Obama’s effort to find his way. He’s tried a number of ploys to get the due he so strongly believes he deserves. The newest strategy the Obama crowd has come up with is quite laughable. Which is that Obama and those whom he has surrounded himself with are just so much smarter than most humans. This, they claim, is the justification for his failures: the American people just aren’t bright enough to see the value in what he is trying to do.

Senior presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett, trying to explain Obama’s failures, especially in getting his healthcare reform legislation through, put it this way not long ago: “The burden of being so bright is that he sees his error immediately. The President’s staff and the President have been very actively involved in working with both the House and the Senate to try to get healthcare reform delivered. But ultimately the party, the people that deliver and vote on a bill are Congress. If the President could do it unilaterally he would have done it a long time ago. I can assure you of that.”

We do not need your assurance, Valerie. We know that already, for sure. In fact, the only way Obama is going to be able to govern is if he has totalitarian control. And make no mistake. From day one of his presidency Obama has made a yeoman’s effort to get that control. Not surprisingly, he has managed to slide the dictatorial hand of government into many areas already. Fortunately for us there are signs that he won’t be able to turn the country completely into some kind of new American communism. One of those signs is this trending attempt to cast Obama’s “burden” of genius as worthy of sympathy.

Leonard Pitts, a well respected black columnist, attempted to make some hay with the “burden of genius” ploy in a recent column where he was begging Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012. He said the nation needed to decide whether it wanted smart people to govern or turn back toward ignorance. Pitts wrote, “That’s why I’d welcome the moment of truth your campaign would bring. It would force us to decide once and for all whether we are permanently committed to the path of ignorance, of birthers, truthers and tea party incoherence, or whether we will at last turn back from the cliff toward which we race.”

See the new I’m-just-too-smart strategy emerging in Pitts’ column? He claims that Palin represents “the latest iteration of an anti-intellectualism that periodically rises in the American character.” Bless his heart, he says it as though that’s a bad thing. He goes on to say that the present political wars is merely a “clash between intelligence and its opposite.”

Pitts makes a brilliant case against Sarah Palin, but he, like Obama, grossly underestimates the wisdom of the American electorate. And his insinuation that if only the voters would acquiesce to Obama’s superior intellect everything would be all right is nothing short of stupid. Americans on the whole are not going to do that, no matter how very badly they wanted to bring a black man home to dinner and put aside some of the rampant racial animosity that has been dogging the nation.

Moreover, the more Obama attempts to implement his grand re-distribution of wealth schemes the more steel he will be adding to the electorate’s resolve to stop him. Will Obama ever recognize what is happening to him? We don’t think so. Here’s why.

Contrary to Valerie Jarrett’s claim, Obama is not bright enough to realize how closely the American electorate holds the notion that America is and should be a nation OF, BY and FOR the people. Nor is he bright enough to take any guidance from history which pretty well documents that practically every totalitarian state that has formed out of the ashes of revolution was led by so-called intellectuals passionate about their non-pragmatic and totally idealistic ideas and viewpoints. Think Bolshevik Revolution for clarification on that concept. Or the Chinese Revolution later and Mao’s Cultural Revolution even later.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle of all is this: Barack Obama is a bona fide narcissist. Let me explain:

Narcissism is regarded as an expression of emotional immaturity. The normal individual advances from childhood love of self to adult concern and love for others, from egoism to some degree of altruism. The immature or disturbed individual remains over concerned with himself. He seeks to escape responsibility and the risk of failure by being totally self-involved. At the same time he compensates for feelings of inadequacy by exaggeration of his own personal qualities.

That is a perfect characterization of Barack Obama. He fully believes that being elected President has vouchsafed his own brilliance and given him messianic powers to do as he pleases without opposition. Continuing on this path will destroy him, we think. But continue he will because he cannot help himself. His behavior will continue to be dominated by self-love and self-interest and his unwavering belief that the proper role of government is to provide all things to all people.

The truth of the matter though is if he is unchecked, he can do immense harm to this nation in another three (3) years. The American people are beginning to realize this truth and will, we believe, begin to take their country back. That is why it is so important that no incumbent be re-elected -- None -- this November and in 2012.