1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



CSX Depot
Tom Roush

CSX or C&O it’s still the Alderson Depot. Many of you have fond memories of this depot as do I. My Grandfather, T.L. Dameron was stationmaster here for Many years. He worked for C&O for 50 years before retiring. Then Frank Dameron, his son, and my Uncle was stationmaster. The present Depot was built about 1895 and was orange, C&O’s color and still used by CSX on some equipment. Five coats of paint and many years later it was white.

My earliest memory of the depot was going in to see my grandpa and him giving me a penny for the chiclets machine just inside the door. I remember him looking at his railroad watch or the big clock in the office supplied by Mr. Hanger the jeweler. The trains ran pretty well on time in those days. Then I watched passengers getting off and luggage loaded and unloaded from the large wagons still around today. My grandpa always dressed in suit and tie and seldom smiled but I knew he loved me. He drove his old Chevrolet around town about 10 miles per hour. You might say he was conservative.

Anyway for several years now many different town people have been involved in restoring the old depot. Through the efforts of Todd Hanger, the town, Main Street and different volunteers we are nearing completion. Grants obtained helped finance most of the work but our thanks go to many who gave money or time. The outside is nearly finished. The inside is now being replaced and the intent is to use part for a museum. One waiting room will be maintained as is for Amtrak to use when passengers are picked up or let off. The baggage room can be used for community affairs.

If you want to read in detail about the depot read “The Rise and Fall of Alderson” published by Tom Dixon, Jr. For young people who want to know more about Alderson I recommend this as their text book. Please give the town your support on this and other projects.