1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Cycle: A completed round of events or phenomena
in which there is a final return to the original state.

Dan Duff - September 14, 2011

Man comes into this life naked and alone having no idea about the world in which he has entered. He has come from what seems like nothing. The first time he opens his eyes he is staring into the face of a loving mom. After some fumbling and groping he learns the basic skills of survival. He soon discovers that a simple whimper will bring food, a clean diaper or the warmth of the loving arms of the mother.

By the age of two he has learned to walk, although he is crude at it, he seems to feel that he can speak the language, though he is the only one who can understand it. He has free range in the house and the fenced in back yard, he is closely watched from a distance but is tethered to a responsible adult if he goes close to or in the street.

By the age of five not only can everyone understand his words, but he has learned how to use them to get what he wants. By now he has just about finished up putting together his character. The parents start the slow process of cutting the apron strings by starting him in school.

For the next thirteen to seventeen years it is a pure learning process, whether it be class subjects, sports, music or what ever he chooses to spend his time on. He learns how to socialize with his peers and the adult world. Hopefully sometime during this period he has decided on what career he wishes to procure. This is the slowest and most painful part of growing up, every person proceeds at their own speed and by their own methods. Usually before college he will have changed his mind a dozen times of just what career will suit him best and about the same number after he starts college. At some point along this journey he will make another life changing decision when he meets the one he would like to spend the rest of his life with. Just like the process of choosing a career, it will probably take several tries before he makes his final choice.

The next period he marries, starts a family and pursue his career. This is the struggling period of his life, the survival period with mortgages and car payment and childrenís shoes that seems to change sizes about every other paycheck. He struggles with trying to promote him self at work to get that next promotion. He has trouble trying to balance his time between the job and home.

He enters that period when his children are going through their teen years, when they believe he can do nothing right and to top it off, is the dumbest person to ever to walk the planet. The family car suddenly becomes some sort of vehicles that will seat at least eight.

Finally his children go off to college and one morning he looks across the table and there sits a total stranger. For the past twenty years all conversations, questions or ideas were made with the children being the vocal point. After a time he starts rediscovering his wife if he is smart, itís the perfect time to start dating her again. Bringing home flowers and going to dinner. After all there is no need for babysitters or worry that homework is done.

Suddenly there are graduations and marriages and soon grandchildren. Finally you get to treat a child the way you wanted to when yours were little, but could not or would not take that chance. Now he can spoil them for a few hours and then send them back home.

Soon and without warning he is slipping into retirement years. The years he has looked to for so long. How many times had he paused at the job and saw visions of all the things and projects he would be able to do. Time to travel and experience the good life. It turns out to be a pretty good life except for a few restrictions. He and his wife are now under the care of doctors with simple to complex problems.

He now must get an OK from his family doctor and two specialist before he can go more that five miles out of town. Soon his vision and his hearing start to go and the arms and legs just donít work like they are supposed to.

He realizes that he is a seventy year old man, with a ninety year old body and twenty year old mind.

Soon he is again at the place where he may have free roam of the house and the back yard, but must be tethered to a responsible adult if he goes near or in the street.. At night he must wear depends so he doesnít make a mistake in his sleep. If he is lucky he will go meet his Maker before he is bedridden and a living vegetable. When the end comes, he leaves the same way he came into this world. Naked and alone to a place where he knows what he has heard and read about. If he goes the way he should, he will pass through a new birthing, and when he opens his eyes he will be looking into the loving face of his God.


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