1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Shock: A violent collision or concussion:
Impact: blow. A sudden and violent
sensation: The physical reaction produced
by the passage of a strong electrical current
through the body.

Dan Duff  Nov 1, 2010

To receive a severe shock from an electrical current is unlike just about anything you can experience. The sudden impact of receiving it leaves you completely helpless for a moment or two. I have received such shocks because I wear a defibrillator in my chest that gives me a shock when my heart starts going haywire or tries to quit.

It is a love/hate relationship I have with the implant. I love it because it has saved me from dying several times. I hate it because of the sensation that goes through me when it goes off. It is the same as those paddles you see on the TV shows only it is miniature and runs on a battery.

All in all it is a wonderful thing to have and I think with just a few tweaks you could come up with a lot of different applications for the unit. I think we could tweak it so it would work as a lie detector. I think I would call it a Truthalater. As long as the person with the unit tells the truth it will just sit there, but if it senses that they are lying, then it would zap them the same way it does me when my heart starts to fail.

One applications for the truthalater would be good for the entire country. I think it could be used to help the intelligence community get information out of a terrorist. It would be much more humane that water boarding and it would get even better results. I think after a while just the thought of being hooked up with that thing would get us all the information we need. As long as the terrorist tells the truth he will not have any discomfort.

It could be used on drug dealers to get information on their operations and pretty soon the streets could be cleaned of illegal drugs. It could be used by police in getting information in murder cases. And just remember as long as everyone tells the truth the unit doesn’t bother them at all.

This device would work wonders if all persons who were hired as used car salesmen had to have one installed. It would be a supplement to car-max. I dare say that a lot of little old ladies who only drive from home to church and back would disappear like the dinosaur.

I believe the best use of the unit would be in politics. Everyone running for any office higher than city or county should be fitted on the day they announce their candidacy for office. This would be a must for national office and optional for county and city elections for populations under fifty thousand. That way there are not exclusions, no party lines and everyone gets the chance to be “honest Abe”.

You would still be on your own with all the printed material and smear ads they put on the media, but it is for sure that if they are called on to explain the ads that the truthlalater would catch up with them real fast. But the wonderful thing about it is, as long as they tell the truth, they have nothing to worry about.

Until then we have to use good common sense and go to the polls and vote.

If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice but the truthalater shall set you free.