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Religion: The beliefs, attitudes, emotions, behavior, etc.,
Constituting manís relationship with the powers and
principles of the universe, esp. with a deity or deities.

Dan Duff  October 2, 2010

The whole world seems to be in a state of upheaval. No one country seems to be exempt. No one country seems to have a handle on just what the cause or the cure might be. To make matters worse, leaders of the largest governments will not or cannot address the problem. It is not like this problem just popped up last week. The problem itself has been around since the people drifted away from the Tower of Babel.

This country was founded on religious freedom and for the last 400 years for all intents and purposes had held its head above the fray of the so called third world countries where this religious upheaval was always just below the boiling point. In the last 50 years though this country or a certain class of its citizens have been trying and succeeding in mudding up the waters of our religious rights until those rights are so confused that normal citizens donít know just what those rights are. This confusion is not by accident. It is programmed and on purpose.

Why, you ask would anyone want to take just a basic principal of governing and turn it on its ear? Because while the right and left of the governed are bickering back and forth they are not seeing that our leaders are stealing not only those freedoms away, but other rights as well.

There was a time in our country that most of the news and the character of our society was posted in and around the churches. While there were some differences in the tenants of the churches, most posed only slight differences depending on the name on the sign out front. One common thread ran through all of them, the basic rights of all citizens were individual and not to be muddled with by politicians or government bodies. Just a note here. I donít mention synagogues here but they are included in the term churches.

Pastors and Rabbis helped the people discern what was right and wrong with the laws and bills that were being passed and those who were voting for and against those bills before congress. Not only were these religious leaders wanted but needed to help keep those who had authority over us and our country stayed true to our religious and moral beliefs.

In the past fifty years the government has quietly instructed the religious leaders that any mention of politics or politicians from the pulpit was a blow against the so called separation of church and state and the results could be the church loosing its tax free status. This bluff worked well enough that enough of the churches backed off of keeping the morals of the congress and its members that the government began feeling they were above the scrutiny of the local churches and members. This caused many of the churches in dropping their morals too. The results of it all was that many people have given up on going and supporting their local churches because they donít see the churches having any higher morals than politicians.

The results are plain to see. Religions that the country was founded on are being treated as redheaded stepchildren, while other religions are being treated with royalty.

It is not hard to see and government officials have voiced their choice of who they will back.

If our Judo-Christian churches and Synagogues were doing their jobs none of this would be happening. They might try but they would be screamed down by the silence that would follow their every sentence. For one no news source worth their salt would give them space or voice to tell the world their dumb intentions. At one time the news organization had enough character to see through this sort of junk journalism and we wouldnít even hear about it.

If our Judo-Christian society is to keep itself from being wiped from the face of the earth. It must once again raise its voice until it is loud enough to drown out those who would love to erase us from society.

If this nation doesnít go back to our basic religious habits and tolerances and once again have a government that holds every mans religion to be his individual right, we will be flying down the road of our destruction.