1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


The act of redeeming, or the
state of being redeemed. The recovery of
that which is mortgaged or pledged.

Dan Duff 1-7-10

I heard a story when I was a boy growing up in West Virginia about a census taker going through Greenbrier County getting the head count for the government. The story goes that in a little place called Snake Run the census taker came upon a family living in a two room cabin. He asked the normal questions such as name and date of birth, where born, wifeís maiden name, date of birth and where born and the names of the children and their birth dates. It seems that there were sixteen children all born in this little cabin and the census taker found all but one child. One, it seems, had come up missing. The father and the other children set off in all directions looking for little Luke who was somewhere around five years of age. Soon one of the children found him. He was in the privy. Not only was he in the privy, but he had fallen into the hole dug into the ground. The father came and reached down and pulled up the boy who was covered with whatever goes into the bottom of a privy. The father acknowledged that it was Luke all right and then crammed him back into the bottom of the privy. The census taker was agog at the fatherís action. The father just wiped his hands on the grass, looked up at the census taker and said, "It will be much easier to make a new one than it will be to clean that one up."

Somehow I almost feel the same way about our nationís capital.. Washington has become the bottom of the privy and politicians have become little Luke. They have all been dipped completely into what ever there is at the bottom of the privy. It just seems to me that it would be easier to elect a completely new bunch than it would to try to clean the ones that are there now. They have become un - redeemable.

In order for anything to be redeemed, it must be redeemable. The value of it must be at least worth the redeemable price. Somehow right now I donít see that in Americaís elected politicians.. Our elected elite in Washington have lost all morals, ethics and reason. Any day now our creditors, which in our case is China, will be coming to take away whatever is of any value to settle the trillions of dollars we are borrowing. Before long America will make most of the existing third world countries of today look like Shangri-La.

America has the greatest natural resources in the world. We have enough gas and oil in Alaskaís north to snub our nose at the middle east, but do we take advantage of it and keep hundreds of billions of dollars in our own country each year? Not only do we not take advantage of our own resources, but what natural resources that we now harvest goes directly to Japan and the far east.

The finished products come back into the country as imports.

The government is today openly begging for gifts from its citizens to keep it the government afloat. How sad is that. Its almost like a fellow going bankrupt because he doesnít want to touch his savings account. Starting to use our own resources would start new jobs, new taxes and keeping the money inside the country. Instead of doing what is right for the country the politicians are doing what is absolutely wrong for the country. Even if they didnít start using our own resources right away what is wrong with tightening the spending belt and just saying no to massive spending. They just go about printing money as if it had some value and passing itself off as a super power.

All we need is a little over five hundred good men. Do you think we could find five hundred good men from the fifty states. That would only be an average of ten men per state that would take up the seats of the United States Senate and House of Representatives in the 2010 elections and let them start doing what is good for the country and not what is good for the grifters and special interest thugs we now employ. This would only work if the good people of this country will band together and elect from your mind and not with your party affiliation or special interest.

I donít claim to have the answer to the problems that we find ourselves in, but I think some newly elected men with some sound common sense is our only hope. The hope that we can elect someone that would begin a movement to try to right our ship of state. Right now the water (in our case debt) is coming in too fast to pump it out.

We have seen it coming for a long time, but we have been convinced that we as a country are too big to fail. Well, lets look for a moment at countries too big to fail. The Roman Empire, France, Germany, England. ........ America.......?