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A day set aside to celebrate the
Birth of Jesus Christ. The Messiah.

Dan Duff  Dec 2, 2010

David Shields wrote a wonderful article at Thanksgiving, giving thanks for the many blessings in his life. I not only agree with all he said, but let it serve as a reminder that all of us should reflect upon our life and the people who were blessings to us along the way. To me I give all the biggest thanks at Christmas. It not only gives us reason for reflections of time past, but a chance to show our blessings by giving of ourselves to others.

I am the first one to say that Christmas, as it should be celebrated, has long passed away and has become a commercial feast or fiasco for all who have anything to do with it. This year there is not a mention Christmas except in rare occasions and well off the beaten path.

I have in the past became caught up in bigger and bigger and even more expensive giving until I learned the more I spent, the more I was expected to spend. Then I fell into that trap that had me expecting bigger and more expensive gifts. It was at one of these moments that I finally realized that I was going at this all wrong.

I then started paying more attention to the real meaning of Christmas and the real meaning of giving. I learned there are many gifts which can be given that cost very little as far as the commercial side of the season is concerned, but are much more endearing and longer lasting to those who receive the gifts. I also have learned that these gifts can be given at any time of the year and at the beginning, middle or end of any season.

I firmly believe this was the intent of the original Christmas. That certain feeling that many people feel at Christmas time can be felt all year long. The giving of ourselves, the looking out for our neighbors and the friendliness that people give each other at Christmas can be done all the time and can actually become a lifestyle.

Why should we have to wait for a season or a date to tell us how we should treat one another? Why should we only enjoy that feeling of giving once a year? Why not feel it everyday of the year?

No crowds to fight to get that certain gift or no waiting in long check out lines where people bump and shove you up one aisle and down the other.

Maybe it is just a bowl of soup to a neighbor who is not feeling well or a card to a long lost friend. Volunteer for a few hours at a children’s ward at the hospital. How about if your friend or neighbor knows they can use your shoulder to cast some of their woes on and know that it will stay confidential?

Christmas just like Christianity is something that is celebrated in the heart.

So celebrate it all year long by just being a good person. If you are a good person, it just might spread throughout the world. Oh, I thought it already had.

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