1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


The right, ability, or capacity to exercise control; legal authority.
Dan Duff 09

There has been a lot of power demonstrated in this country in the last six or eight years. We have seen the power of control the government has taken on itself. It would seem that our elected officials now believe that the simple act of getting elected gives them unlimited power to do what they wish with the treasury of our country. Those who have had the ability to get re-elected seem to feel even more power has been given them and they have now reached the position where they can do what ever they wish without regard to those who sent them to Washington.

Many CEOs have taken their power base to bigger heights and have drained the treasury of their companies while at the same time bankrupting the very institutions that made them who they are.

There is an old, old adage that says, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolute." The power was given to all the above people, not because they were expected to use or abuse the power given them, but because the people who put them in the positions they hold, put their trust in those people to do what was expected in order to run their companies and this country in a way as to pass on to our children and grandchildren a better life and a better place to live than what we now have. To expect anything less would not only be a mistake on their part, but also place distrust between those who hold office and those who have put them in office.

We are now faced with the biggest rift between government and itís citizens and business and its customers in the history of the world. We have reached the apex of distrust that goes from Wall Street to Washington. We have no one that we can turn to and say, "we have a problem and we need you to fix it." There is no one who we can turn to and say, "we have been wronged and we need you to right it for us."

We are alone. If we reach out to business they will tell us just spend more money and they will right the ship. If we reach out to government, they will tell us, they have it all under control, just let them spend another two or three trillion dollars. We speak, but they do not hear. We cry and they laugh us to scorn. What are we to do and where are we to turn? If we protest we are nuts and idiots. If we if we speak out we are drowned out by the bully machines who run interference for those who are supposed to look out for us in the first place.

I guess its time for us who feel this and know something must be done to look to our own power. You remember that power donít you? It has laid dormant for years. You set it aside because life was treating you so well that you felt no need to try to push your personal power upon anyone else. That power that was once kindled in you and you used it for your purposes to get that job you wanted or to get that deal done that would make you financially strong. That power you used to get people to do as you wished and to get the results that you wanted. Its there. Oh, they will try to tell you that you no longer possess it or you gave it away when you elected so and so to office or you transferred your proxy to the chairman of the board when you put him in office. They tell you these things so you will leave your power laying dormant. They will try to persuade you that you will be shamed or you will be scoffed at if you try to resurrect it now. Please donít believe that. Get it out of the mothballs and dust it off. Try it out on a neighbor or a friend. There are those who say that there are no limits to those who use their power in the right way.

Your power is there and you can pick it up and use it. You can join your friends and your neighbors to consolidate your power into a power block and then you can join others who will help make a power grid and the first thing you know what you say will mean something. What you do will get a reaction and the first thing you know changes will start happening.

Those people you elected and then forgot about you will be at home looking in the want ads for a job and the people who you replaced them with will be doing a job for you, because they know you are watching and listening and if they donít do as you wish they too will be back home looking at the want ads for employment. Those CEOs who are taking the business world to ruin will be back trying to sell vacuum cleaners door to door.

You have the power to change government, you have the power to change Wall Street, You have the power to make this country the country everyone believes in their heart that it should be. Power is used by people who get no resistance from those who gave it to them. Why not use it for your purposes. It is said that only ten percent of the people really get involved in the power process. What if the other ninety percent decided to get in the game?