1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Law: A rule of conduct, recognized by custom
or decreed by formal enactment, considered as
binding by members of a community, nation, etc.
Dan Duff 09

Our forefathers when founding this nation, were very careful when they put together the first laws to govern the United States of America. They were so careful in fact that they left, what our learned law professors and modern practitioners at the bar would call, gaping holes in the laws and constitution. The have fixed this in modern times by creating their own law and replacing both the legislative and the executive branches of the government by simply legislating from the bench.

In fact through all the branches of government we have just about out-lawed ourselves to the point that the laws of these United States of America are again nothing but a group of loop holed rules that apply to just about nothing.

In just the past few months the government has passed legislation that was so inept even before it was publicly known, they were hastily going back to pass more laws to cover up the problems created by last weeks law. Well, you say, "if you are going to knock our government so much, why don’t you come up with a better plan."

I am so glad you asked me that and it just so happens I have the answer. The problem with the answer is that it is so simple the government will just throw it out. In fact they already have. The problem they would face with my solution now is the same problem that happened before. That is the "what if" reasoning. You see when a bunch of lawyers set around and talk about law they always have the "what if" coming up. No matter how simple the problem, no matter how simple the solution, they are always going to have a "what if". That is exactly where we got ourselves to today and in the mess we are in.

The solution, as simple as it is, goes back to the days when the nation of Israel was leaving Egypt. They had left the civilization of Egypt and its laws behind to follow this guy called Moses. They were camped at the foot of a mountain called Sinai. The people wanted some order and some government. So Moses went up on the mountain and the God gave Moses the law. Not the volumes and volumes that we find on the shelves of law offices today but ten simple laws that would be enough to serve and govern the people of Israel and for that matter the world. In just a few pages of the Bible not only did God give us ten perfect laws that would be enough law for any nation but in just a few pages He took care of all the "what ifs".

Our government who is supposed to be the model for the whole world came to see these laws as religious and with that have thrown out those laws and find them offensive.

I will not list those laws here. You can Google them or you can look them up in the Bible and use your common sense to see that those laws are perfect and that all the laws of all the nations of the civilized world are taken from those ten simple laws. The problem is that the "what ifs" have become the law and the real laws account for nothing.

Maybe what we need to do is the opposite of what the government has done and throw out all the laws that have been enacted in these United States of America and pile them up in a heap in front of the Supreme Court building and set them on fire. After that have the justices take those ten laws given by God and put them up on the wall behind the bench and say these are the laws which will govern this nation from this day forth.

But they will not, because the laws of God are too precise, too clear, and would put a lot of ‘what if" people our of work. There used to be a saying that went, "when guns are outlawed only outlaws would own guns". How about "when we out law ourselves, only outlaws will have the law."