1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Hope; to desire with expectation of
fulfillment. To wish, to want.
Dan Duff Aug 09

Who hasnít hoped from time to time? Who hasnít wished for or wanted something or someone to the point of impending disaster if it or they did not happen? We all have and many times we have seen those hopes die on the vine. So what keeps us hoping? What keeps us going back to the wishing well time after time? Because we still hope for things. We still wish for fulfillment. It is what keeps us from going bonkers at times, keeps us from giving up, keeps us from doing crazy things.

Even at the lowest ebb of our lives, there is always hope.

When I was young I hoped one day to be someone famous. I hoped to be someone who would be looked up to and praised for some great feat such as climbing Mt. Everest or being an air ace. Then I hoped that I would be that ideal husband and father like those guys on the family shows of television. I kept hoping and life kept happening and getting in the way of all my hopes.

I see the direction the country is going with its crazy economics and politics and I say to myself, "I wish I was up there in Washington or on Wall Street. Boy would I give them an ear full." I would change the course the country seems to be going and turn it around to get it back to be the way it used to be. I hope someone will take up that mantle and carry it through to the end. I hope that people will come back to their senses and start acting more like citizens and less like pillagers. I hope that world peace is not just a hope but reality. I hope that poverty is wiped from the earth and that all men would respect the rights and dignity of all others.

So I kept asking myself, "does this happen to everybody, or is it just me?" I see all the movies and news stories about all these guys that are having these great careers and life experiences and here I am, still hoping. Its like being dubbed Bob Hopeís brother No Hope. Even after you get to the point where life has passed you by and you are getting ready to put your feet up and retire it seems like you still have those long past hopes and dreams that come up and you say to yourself, "did I miss it all? Did none of my hopes come true?"

Then it would seem from somewhere out of the blue it hits you. Maybe you didnít climb the tallest mountain, but you scaled some pretty big hills. Maybe you werenít the flying ace who got your name plastered all over the world, but you had some pretty big missions you took on and came out on the other end. Maybe they werenít big accomplishments as far as the world is concerned, but you faced your challenges, you never gave up and you came out a better man.

I donít think it is too late to hope. I donít think it is too late for dreams to be fulfilled. Maybe its not too late for me to hope for some great things before checking out of this life. Maybe even I shall see some of my hopes and dreams fulfilled.

We all, from the greatest to the least have a right to hope. We all should still keep those hopes and dreams alive, even if you have put your feet up in retirement. We can all still hope to give our children and grandchildren a better tomorrow than we have today. But, and that is a very large word even if it does only have three letters, but only if we all decide that it is time to go back to work on those hopes and dreams. Go back to work in trying to accomplish one more great and noble deed before we give up all hope.

Hope is what we can have when we have absolutely nothing else. Hope is what we have when we refuse to give up. Hope is and will always be the glimmer of light in the darkest hours of our lives.