1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Failure: Turning out to be unsuccessful,
disappointing, or lacking.
 Dan Duff 09

I have heard of and seen a lot of failure in my time upon this earth. Different people handle it in different ways. While one person will just give up after failure, another will learn from what caused his failure and start again. I am sure Thomas Edison had barrels of failed light bulbs before he made the one that still burns in his mock lab at the Ford Museum in Detroit.

People like Donald Trump have a way of making success out of failure. Others will simply use their failure to say, "we wonít do it that way again." Failure is something you have to experience in this life and we that have gone through it, learned from it or tried to explain it, know that without it no real success can be achieved.

We have a grandson who is at the top of his class every year. Right now the thought of failure in school probably never enters his mind. We hope and pray that as he grows older he will not partially fail just so he can be more acceptable to one group or another.

Not one likes to fail. No one wants to fail. We try to put failure behind us as fast as possible and move on hoping that it will never come up in any conversation private or public.

There have been those in the public eye who have expressed the hope that the policies and programs of our present president fail. They have been raked over the coals by many others in the press and in government for their attack on the new man in the White House. No one wants the office of the President to fail.

So lets look at it from another direction. Far fetched as it may seen on the surface and the last thing anyone above the office of dog catcher will admit, what if, that is actually the plan. What if, what they are doing with all the spending and government take over of many of the private corporations is to drive the government and private industry to the point where the only people who have any say or control of the workings of this great and sovereign nation are a few elected and mostly un-elected people in Washington?

After all, you cannot go about building a new building on a site where there is already a building sitting. If you want to erect your building on that site, doesnít it make sense that the old building must in some way fail? Must the old building first be torn down and cast away before a new edifice take its place?

What if, if I might be so bold as to state, the very failures of the large corporations and industries of this country were not only caused by, but perpetuated by those same elected and non elected officials? Since the 60ís we have had a radical movement in this country to tear down the present establishment and replace it with a different type of government? A different type of business and industry structure?

For years we have heard people speak in such terms but they have only voiced this opinion and were laughed at and rejected as being impossible in a country that has had so few failures and so many successes to actually fail.

If this president fails it will be that we as the people he represents have not voiced our reasons for electing him in the first place. Whether we voted for him or not we all have wanted change in the way our government has been operating these past couple of decades.

If the elected representatives we send to Washington fail it will be because we have not made it clear to them that they speak for the people who sent them to Washington. Or does it mean that we actually do want what they are doing.

If this country fails, it will be because we the people did not stand and demand the elected officials do our bidding. People say we need term limits. We already have them. Its called elections every two years. If this country fails we cannot look to Washington and cry shame. We must look in the mirror and look at who failed.

Now you hear terms like "giving the wealth of this country back to the rightful owners." "We must level the playing field." When I hear terms of this sort it reminds me of the 1917 revolutions of the Russian empire. When the revolution ended and the smoke cleared, it was clear that those who ran the government seemed to feel they were the rightful owners of the wealth of the country and when the field was level it was clear that everyone else had to start off at absolute zero and stay there until they could work their way up in the government before they could take any part of the rightfully owned wealth.

Failure is not an option.