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Control: To exercise authority over.
To regulate or verify, as an experiment.
Dan Duff Sept. 3, 2009

About the only thing I exercise control over around here is the dog. She can only go around the neighborhood when I attach her leash and control her gait and direction. Come to think of it, that is just about the full extent of my authority. I heard a fellow say one time, "Show me a man that says he is the boss in his house, and Iíll show you a man that will lie about anything." If that be the case in most homes around the country, then why is it that so many people want to be in control of others? Is it part of our macho image to try to exert pressure on others so as to control us? It is not that we donít want some control and it is not that we donít need some control, but there is a limit to everything, especially control.

We want the government to control the safety and security of our country. We want them to have control over our borders. We want the government to have control over the way that interstate business is conducted. We want government to control the financial stability of our economy. Wait a minute. Our government already has laws on the books to control all those things. Then the only conclusion we can come to is the government has failed to do its job. The things they already have control over are failing and failing completely.

So why after so many failures are they continuing or try to control what few aspects of our lives we have left? They continue to try to set up a type of government in this country that is not about helping the people more, but to put their brand of control over them.

They seek ways to pass laws not written by or even read by lawmakers that will take control not only of the citizens, but of the very people who vote the new laws into existence.

If our lawmakers are not smart enough to understand these simple fact they are surely not smart enough to be given the voting power by the people to pass other laws.

We the people have paid way too much attention to the "party of our choice" and way too little attention to the controls given by our constitution to send the right people to government who will look out for our welfare and safety instead of their own. The people we are sending to government now are signing away the very rights that we send them there to protect for us.

We the people should keep the power to control the government. We have the control to make sure our values and our way of life are kept out of the hands of government. Please do not give that up. Apathy is the direct opposite of control and our apathy has gotten us into the situation we are now in. I have heard the phrase so many times lately, "it could never happen here." Well my friend it can and it will unless we the people take back control of the people we send to government. If need be empty the halls of congress and employee new representatives, not to make change but to correct the years of putting the power of government in the wrong hands.

There have and is and will always be those who wish to control others. They think somehow they are different and have the answers as to why all the others failed and they will succeed. They may be able to sell their ideas to others and obtain an army to help in achieving their goals. They may even be under the mistaken idea that they will be honored and esteemed by their actions, but they will find in the end, that they, their ideas and their actions are short lived and their name only used to refer to failure and disdain.

If you are part to the plan that is afoot to take control, or you think that the present plan is going help you is some way, look at history. Those who thought they would be better off or would make their station in life higher one day found they were pawns, used and given up or cast to the side of the road for the "cause".

We the people.

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