1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Change: To make different; to alter.
Dan Duff 08

We just finished another election where one candidate ran on the one word, change. I think that every four years we ought to change as far as politics are concerned. I feel that four years for any elected official is enough to last them and us a lifetime. The biggest problem with politicians is that they run on changing things and they promise that if elected they will change things, but if we look at history and the last thirty years of politics we know that things do change, but never for the better. The same people who create most of the problems with the economy, with health, education and welfare are the same people that promise us every election that they are the ones to fix it.

I personally look for changes in how my life is effected by this new change thatís coming. I will be asked to do more on less while being asked to give more and expect less while the rich and the politicians continue to stuff their pockets with what they squeeze out of mine. When it comes right down to it, the change is the only thing left in my pockets when the politicians finish their term.

Donít get me wrong, I am all for change, but the changes I am looking for are no where near the changes we will see when the new guys get in there. I would like to change the way the government works. I would like for the government to have to live as I do for the next four years. They canít spend more than they take in and to get a loan of any kind they would have to have the people of all 50 states to OK it in a vote. They cannot give away money they do not have. This would mean no more hand outs to any country. No more being the policeman of the world. To bring our troops home from all foreign countries, even the friendly ones. Any legislation or spending bill must be published for at least three weeks before any vote is taken. We say we donít have term limits for most political offices, but in fact we do. If we vote them out after a term or two then there are term limits.

A capitalist society only survives if it is able to work at being a capitalist society.

That means that if business fails, it fails. Donít worry, there are enough car companies in this country, building cars, that if the big three go under, there will still be supply enough to go around. If banks fail, they fail, and some one will step up and start up another one in a day or two. If we try to make business and the economy work by making government part of it, it will fail just as the government is failing.

The problems that we face are because the changes government is forcing capitalist to make are being induced rather than by a natural cause. The changes that have come about in the last two years, came about because government pressured lending institutions to make deals that they would have never made under normal business dealings. The problem the big three auto makers are having is because of bad decisions they made.

The American tax payer should not have to pay for the stupidity of the actions of government or industry that does not know how to run a country or a business. At the rate we are going both the government and big business should go under in less than ten years.

Changes were made and bad decision were made by politicians and big business. Now they want someone to blame. The answer is simple. It is our fault. Well, doesnít it make since that the one who is to blame must pay for the damages. The people of this country have let themselves be sold a bill of goods by the people elected to office that are there only to stuff their pockets and stockholders have allowed big business tycoons to have golden parachutes built into their careers that are staggering even in the imaginations of Hollywood script writers. The truth is that bad behavior always leads to disaster if not put into check.

Yes, change is coming. Like civilizations who have raised and fallen in the past we see the changes and the signs of our demise, but we are so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we do not see the need to do anything about it. Like other great civilizations, it will only be after the fall that we really examine the cause and effects that now stare us in the face.