1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Begin; To start to do something: to take the first step: commence.
Dan Duff

 I like millions of other people all over these United States, dream of hitting the lotto and going directly to Easy Street. I think of all the practical and impractical uses I could find for the money. Of course the children and grandchildren would want a pocket full to squander and waste. I myself would try to save up as much as possible for use in my old age. The other night I dreamed I hit the lotto and for a very sizable sum (after all its my dream and if I want it to be a huge amount...) of money. I of course raced to the agency and got the check. After being agog over all those zeros for a few moments it hit me like a ton of bricks. Now that I have all this money, where do I put it? I can put it in a bank, but only the first two hundred and fifty thousand would be protected by the FDIC. With the amount I see in my dream I would have to put it in a hundred different banks. I have moved into a small retirement two bedroom house with a yard the size of a postage stamp, so there is no where to bury that amount of cash. I could give it to Madoff and have him invest it for me..... the ideas are endless all with the same terrible end..... I would wind up losing it all.

For about 85 percent of the people who woke up this morning, life doesnít change that much. Some minor adjustment to the grocery bill because the items they use had a price raise or items going out of season. If its extra cold they will make allowance for more electricity and gas being consumed, but for the most part we just go about our day making the most out of what little we have and dreaming of hitting it big with lotto. But what about that elite 15 percent? What about those guys that woke up this morning and found a huge chunk of their investments just disappeared. Not thousands or millions, but billions. How can you have billions of dollars disappear? I personally couldnít tell you. One because I cannot imagine that much money, and second I donít know that much about how the markets work well enough to tell you what could cause such a thing to occur.

In this new year we find ourselves wondering just how the politics and most importantly the financial direction will head. We were all kind of blindsided last year with the net worth of the country suddenly disappearing before our eyes. Between the politicians and the net worth swindlers of wall street, many felt the blow directly to their midsection and the very breath taken away. The answers to the dilemma are not simple but neither is the so called solutions coming out of the nations capital. The politicians, as always, believe that throwing a lot of money at the problem will fix it. Most Americans believe that propping up failure is never a good solution to any problem whether it be fiscal or otherwise. The biggest problem facing us in this new year is that the problem is not fiscal.

The real problem facing this country from the presidency to the man on the street is moral. We are well into the generation of those who have been taught by their parents, by government and by school that being a moral person is nice if you are going into a religious or welfare work, but other wise being moral will only make you a pawn for those who take advantage of those weaker than themselves. In our new jungle it is more blessed to take than to give. It is more blessed to break a man and leave him homeless that to just use his talents and labor to make their business scheme work.

Our politicians have bought into this theory so far as to turn a blind side to those who steal and ruin other peoples lives. They call their own thievery "honest mistakes" and "deniability". It is not them, but the "Other" guys who are to blame for the problems.

If this nation is to get a handle on the problems that are threatening this country, then the people with morals must take a more active role in running it. It is not enough to just elect people and then let them go about doing what they see is best. We must make our wishes known and constantly be vigil of what is going on.

We find ourselves, much like the turtle who wakes up and finds himself sitting atop a fence post. We have two questions. How did we get here and where do we go from here.