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2008 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest
Calvin Shepard

For the past few years, Stuart Brugh, Owner of Suart's Hot Dawgs has set up near his restaurant a eating contest which begins after our 4th of July parade.  Last year and this past 4th, I personally took many pictures of the participants.  There is normally a large crowd, both eating and watching along with one of the local news reporters from 59 news.  It has been lots of free fun for the spectators and the winners do receive a substantial amount of monetary prizes.  I really don't know which is more fun to watch the adults or the children. 

The restaurant is located approximately 1 mile out of Alderson on 63 East.  Located directly beside the beautiful Greenbrier River.  Anyone can enjoy eating outside on the deck or just watch sports....inside.  There are many different foods, but as you would guess by the name of the business, there are about  3 different hot dogs to choose from.  Nice atmosphere and usually not too crowded.  Happy hour Monday thru Friday from 4pm til 7pm for the ones who would like an inexpensive cold legal drink.  First page: Place & Preparation - Second page: Contestants.

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