1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Macís Snack Shack

Photo And Information by Causby Parker

This text is from a letter by Mac Mann to the people of Alderson

Mac's Snack Shack was founded on February 9, 1946. This being the date that Mr. William Echols and his wife Porter sold the land and building to L. H Mann (Toot-For-Lute). Eventually the property was sold the Luther Malcolm (Mac) Mann, son of L. H. Mann and was opened to the public on March 9, 1946.

Mac's Snack Shack was located on the band of the Greenbrier River approximately 50 feet west of the now, Alderson Memorial Bridge at the north end of the bridge.

This Business was operated by Malcolm "Mac" Mann for a few weeks over 10 years. At that time the equipment was sold the Mrs. Shields, who enjoyed a stay of many years. After her departure of the building, it was rented to several people then sold to the Town of Alderson, who in turn demolished the building for the beautification of the Greenbrier River bank.

During that time, we were honored to have visit us a 4-Star General of the USA, General Omar Bradley and his staff. They were forced to land at Tolley Airport and take a jeep to White Sulphur Springs where he was to attend a meeting.

One of the nearby citizens who visited up regularly was Dr. Prillman of the Ronceverte Hospital and his family. They would stop for snacks on the way to their cabin at Willawood on the Greenbrier River.

The people of Alderson gave me a wonderful 10 of business for which I am thankful.

Luther Malcolm "Mac" Mann

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