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And... More Snow

Causby Parker - February 26, 2015

Some more beautiful photos from Scoop Parker, enjoy.


 The big sycamore tree on Blaker's Mill Rd.

Upstream of the creek on Rookstool Rd., where used to be, one of the first Grist Mills in the area.

A deer across the creek, along Rookstool Rd.

This is a Birdseye view of Anvil Rock under Ice & snow. (simply because there was too much ice to get down to a level to get a good picture.) I was standing on a 3 ft. pile of ice/snow, alongside Rt.# 3, while taking this shot. I'll bet, NOT MANY people have ever seen snow on Anvil rock !

Just downstream from Anvil Rock.

Downstream from the sycamore on Blakers Mill Rd.

Downstream from bridge on Rookstool Rd.

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