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Hickory Grove Church

Aldersonian Reporter:  Causby Parker,  February 16, 2014

You may have noticed the name of the author of this page is Causby Parker. Causby, beside having a cool name, at least I think so,  is our new Aldersonian reporter. Please welcome Causby to the Aldersonian. I appreciate her doing this, and I think we all look forward to what she will bring.

This is an old picture of Hickory Grove Church on Bennett Mountain, off Blue Sulphur Springs. This picture was graciously shared by Becky Ann Alderson-Ornold from her Great-Grandmother, Laura Jane Suttle-Bennett's photo album.

Becky's Grandfathers, (Marshall, Bennett, Walkup & Suttle) helped to build the church. As we understand it was torn down in the 80's.

Some of the people who worshipped there were Thompsons & Bryants. The Bennetts, & Suttles/Settles were mostly Baptist; the Walkups & McClungs were mostly Methodist. From looking at the picture, Ward Parker believes it was at the end of the farm, now owned by John & Linda Bennett. It's right past the old John Myles property, right where the Mt. View Subdivision starts.
We would welcome any additions or corrections to the history of this little church.
Respectfully, Aldersonian Reporter: Causby Parker.

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