1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Cully’s Fishing Trip

Our grandson Cully in the summer before he went off to college was employed by VEPCO at the Pumped Storage Facility at Back Creek in Bath County, Virginia. A Recreation Aide, he was employed to maintain and patrol the Recreation Area below the Lower Impound Reservoir. He cleaned the area and the public facilities. Unlocked the gates and kept track of the fishermen and others using the area. It was not a hard job as the area had only in existence for a few months and the public was largely unaware it was there.

Cully, on this morning was on duty at the gate, bored stiff at the lack of any patrons, he still needed to unlock the toilets and several gates around the area, but at the moment he was busy thinking and carelessly tossing his ring of VEPCO keys in the air. On one toss he dropped them and to his astonishment watched as they dropped through the grating of the drainage line in front of the Gatehouse. Down about six feet they were clearly visible, but they were unreachable.

Studying about the mess he was in and how he would explain it to his boss he recalled that in the Gatehouse Lost and Found cupboard there was a child’s fishing rod and reel. A genuine Scooby-Doo outfit with line and a little bitty imitation of a hook. Fortunately he had unlocked the Gatehouse

before losing the keys and he soon had the fishing pole and was bent intently over the grating. It was a tedious job trying to get the hook onto the keys, each time he thought he had them they would drop off, he would have to start over.

Oblivious to all but the job at hand , he was unaware that a pick-up truck had pulled up behind him. “You catching many, Bud?”, was the first he knew anyone else was in the world. Then he heard the second man in the trucks explosive response , “Dammit, Carl, you dum-sum-bitch, don’t be so damn iggerent, the kid works here and must know something we don’t”!