1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




State Runner-up in Class A Football


50th Class reunion - July,2011

Front Row (left to right) Mary Feamster Phillips, Juanita Smith Beverly, Alex McLaughlin, Rick Hughes, Monty Bennett, Julius Eary, Sam Groves

Back Row (left to right) Earl Sams, Judy Gwinn Loughhead, Powell Harrah, Henry Feamster Mary Humphreys Thomas, Marcie Smith Weikle, Joyce Smithson, Susie Walker Ayres, Jim Simmons, Janet Bennett Tankersley


Front Row (left to right) Mary Feamster Phillips, Mary Humphreys Thomas, Sam Groves. Powell Harrah, Monty Bennett

Middle Row (left to right) Judy Gwinn Loughhead, Janet Bennett Tankersley, Juanita Smith Beverly, Julius Eary, Rick Hughes

Back Row (left to right) Shirley Wilson Parker, Marcie Smith Weikle , Joyce Smithson
Alex McLaughlin, Henry Feamster

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For A. H. S. Ever Always - In Every Way For A. H. S.