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Class of 1960 50th Reunion
July 2010

The Alderson High School Class of 1960 celebrated its 50 Year Class Reunion during the July 4th weekend in Alderson, WV.

They had 24 classmates in attendance for the Homecoming Banquet held on July 2nd at the Alderson Community Center. The class members in attendance were as follows: Suzie Brooks Quillen, Leona Bryant Coy, Maureen Conner Lite, Mary Copeland Godby, Margaret Crawford Camicia, Bill and Betty Runyon Holliday, Sara Housby McClung, Charles Huffman, Bill Jo Johnson, Mitch Keadle, Morris Kincaid, Barbara Knight Miner, Darrell Light, Carol Miller Wood, Nancy Nickell Verdier, James Parker, Ted Piercy, Steve Reed, Karen Snyder Ambosi, Dick Strealy, Charlotte Thomas and Richard Zicafoose.

A balloon was released for each deceased classmate and a get together was held at the home of Maureen Connerís (Lite) momís home after the banquet.

They also had a luncheon at Food and Friends in Lewisburg on Saturday, July 3rd. and breakfast on July 4th at The Swinging Bridge Restaurant in Paint Bank, VA.

Goodies and favors included a mug with the class photo printed on it, a key chain and maroon & gray M&Ms. The M&Ms had alternating writing, including 50 Year Class Reunion and AHS 1960. The class also had a big banner with the High School Graduation Picture. A booklet was also given to each class member that included information about some of the classmates as well as a list of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc.

The class will have a hard bound book printed which includes information and pictures of the grades of 9th thru 12th as well as the past class reunions.

Front Row: Margaret Crawford Camicia, Leona Bryant Coy, Maureen Conner Lite, Sara Housby McClung, Suzie Brooks Quillen, Nancy Nickell Verdier,  Karen Snyder, & Bill Holliday
Second Row: Morris Kincaid, Richard Zicafoose,  Betty Runyan Holliday, Charlotte Thomas, Mary Copeland Godby ,Carol Miller Wood, Barbara  Knight Miner, & Dick Strealy.
Back Row: James Parker, Darrell Light, Bill Joe Johnson, Mitch Keadle, Ted Piercy, Charles Huffman, & Steve Reed.

1960May Day Queen and 1960 Homecoming Queen

Margaret Crawford Camicia & Sara Housby McClung