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Congratulations, The Aldersonian!

Barry Worrell 2009

This year, 2009 will be the 10th Anniversary of The Aldersonian on the internet. History tells us that Alderson Schools since 1917 have had a newspaper and it was called The Aldersonian.  However history has been lax as to who started it and who worked on the paper for all those years.  I can only say, as far as my tender, it was my senior year of 1957.  I can assume that was the format for a while and the seniors were the only grades to put the paper to press.

In 1957 there was, of course, no internet available, allowing  everyone to have their contributions   put out there for all to see. It was a big thing then to open a newspaper and see an article  which you authored.

Naturally The Aldersonian had news about the school but also included some of the things going on in the town. One of the perks was to get out of class and go from store to store to get adds or maybe a "scoop" on the latest happenings.

It would be great to archive all the names of the young people who worked on the Aldersonian, but that's an impossibility. You can know who has worked on this version of the Aldersonian, for I have tried to give credit for all articles and photos. I could also list them here but it would be better if you make note of who's article, or photos appear.

There is no way to tell what influence the Aldersonian has made over the previous years. I can only tell you how this one has done, and it has done very well, according to the emails I get. That's because of all of you who have made a contribution to this little voice. So I say to you, congratulation! Job well done!

One email I would like to share: A lady wrote me that she and her family were considering where they wanted to move. She said she loved reading all the stories and descriptions about Alderson and wanted information on the high school and elementary schools and some other things.  It was sad to have to tell her the high school no longer existed and most of the stories were the "way it was", and not "the way it is."

I doubt if Alderson will ever again resemble the town that we all remember. I do know there are folks that are trying. In ten more years Alderson will have more history and hopefully the Aldersonian will still be here to report it.

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