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The following is from an interview with Dorothy published in the Sunday Oregonian  Portland, March 14, 1920:

"I was chased out of Dayton, Ohio, a few months after I was born. Mother inflicted me on New York. A friend of hers said that she (the friend) could play the maid in "East Lynn" if she could get a child to carry on (stage) and applied for me. Mother didn't like it, but I got my start on the stage on the road as Little Willie in "East Lynn", with Rebecca Warren. We opened somewhere in Pennsylvania. I was in road shows till I was 10, playing child parts. One season with Lillian in it, too. Several years I was with Fiske O'Hara, the Irish tenor."

Then the adorable Dorothy attended grammar school for three years at Massillon, Ohio, where she lived with her aunt, and one year at Allegheny Collegiate Institute, Alderson, W. Va., where the climate did such things to her that her mother and sister stopped and burst Into tears at their next meeting. Reunited, the trio went to Baltimore on a promised trip to New York for the girls, Lillian wanting to go on the stage again and Dorothy dittoing with all her might as she had been on the stage so long.

Have you figured it out yet?  Click here to see a photo of Dorothy and her school mates at the Allegheny Collegiate Institute in Alderson.

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