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Phenomenon In The Sky

Barry Worrell - June 3, 2016

This photo got me contemplating about the vastness of the universe and if a asteroid hits here in Arizona, I would consider that a close call to all on earth. The other morning I took this photo at 5:00 AM (along with hundreds of other people). At the time I was perplexed concerning what this was until it showed up on the local news. It was explained that an asteroid hit near here before daylight and this was the result of the dust it emanated on the way through our air space, which could only be seen at dawn before it gets light.

Before the explanation I also considered a passenger jet at 20,000 feet, doing some fancy maneuvers, and the vapor trails was just the evidence to get that pilot fired. I imagined some of the passengers enjoyed it though.

So don't worry folks. I'm an early riser and will be able to alert you if dangers from above come upon us.

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