1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Canoeing On The Greenbrier, Or Is it?

Barry Worrell  - August 21, 2016

I love old photos. Especially ones that are older than me and are supposed to be from my old stomping grounds. The first time I saw this photo my mind told me this is the Greenbrier river, the old iron bridge, and group of campers from Camp Greenbrier. Besides, it is written at the top of the photo, "Camp Greenbrier Flotilla, Alderson, W. Va. Or is it?

The first doubt I had was the river. It just looks to wide. The second doubt was I thought there was one too many sections to the bridge as compared to the old iron bridge in Alderson. The third was the mountains in the background didn't match the terrain I remember in Alderson.

I guess early photography could possibly distort photos and they look wider than reality, but the real  evidence was the tops of the bridge. The top sections of the bridge in this photo have five sides. The old iron bridge (below) in Alderson only had flat tops. Compare with the photo below.

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