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Some Folks You May Remember

Barry Worrell - June 12, 2015

The photos below were taken in May 1944 when Jim Jones and I had a birthday party. Jim was 3, and I was 5. The party was held in the yard of Mrs. Cooke who lived just outside of Alderson on Rt. 3. Beth Fields and Adel Jones, our moms gave the party and invited some of our friends.

Front Row, L-R: Jim Jones, Me. Second Row, L-R: Mickey Eggelston, David Honaker, Charlie Lobban, Phyllis Honaker, Betsy Bivens, Andy Russell. Back Row, L-R: Carolyn Lobban , Sarah Lobban, Doris Knapp.

Front-Left: Ralphie Nash. Sitting on the porch rail: Adel Cooke, and Mamma Cooke.  Standing: My aunt, Oleva Kessinger.  Don't recognize the lady in the background.

Front Row, L-R: Carolyn Lobban, Charlie Lobban, Me seated, and Andy Russell. Second Row, L-R: Phyllis Honaker, Jim Jones, holding on to Jim, Doris Knapp, Betsy Bivens, Mickey Eggleston, Sarah Lobban On The Steps: Ralphie Nash, and behind him, his mom. The two in background are not recognizable.

Jim Jones and me. (we both got to sit down).

 Carolyn Lobban, Mickey Eggelston and  Me (and you thought I sat through the whole party).

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