1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



But I'll Never Do That Again

Barry Worrell

Nostalgia is a wonderful place, if you plan your visit right.

The Alpine theatre I would go,
Every time they change the show.
I learned more there than I'll ever know.
But I'll never do that again.

I swam in the river and fished from the banks,
It gave me great pleasure, but I never said thanks.
The docks at Camp Greenbrier was the subject of pranks.
But I'll never do that again.

Fall nights was when they played the game.
In the cold and damp and sometime rain.
I marched on the field when halftime came.
But I'll never do that again.

The C&O use to come by our place.
Folks came and went at a regular pace.
Now we never see their face.
But I'll never see that again.

Wintertime brought lots of snow,
Some hopped a sleigh and the horse would go.
Do they still do that? Do you know?
But I'll never do that again.

Grades one through twelve was usually the rule,
Most of us did when we went to school.
To see you again would really be cool.
But I may never do that again.

Time goes by, we get so old.
In our minds we're not so bold.
This is what happens, we are told.
But I'd love to do it all again.

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