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Settin' On The Porch In The Rain

Barry Worrell  - July 14, 2013

Today we had a shower. Big Whoop! What's so special about that? Well, here in the Phoenix area it doesn't rain much. And when we do have rain clouds pass by, the rain never reaches the ground. After all, it is the desert. This one did reach earth and it lasted about 10 minutes. I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't looking out the window and saw the drops dancing on top of the water of the pool, looking like thousands of clear light bulbs bobbling around. Immediately I went outside to the porch and sat there until the shower was over.

While there the memories of living in West Virginia as a kid came rushing back. I use to do this all the time. In the summer when it  was hot and would shower in the afternoon, I  usually found myself outside somewhere, on someone's porch or under the edge of a roof, or even under the protective leaves of a tree, waiting for it to stop so I could continue my day. But the memory of how it would cool the air and a slight wind would bring that certain smell, has always stuck with me. How could something this simple bring such joy and why don't I do this any more? I guess it's because life gets in the way.

I am thoroughly convinced, that this is one of God's little ways to give us joy and we don't have to do anything except get out or our chair, go out on the porch and enjoy the rain.

Wait..........was that thunder? This may be your chance. Go for it.

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