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My View On Health Care - An Editorial

Barry Worrell - December 26, 2013

Those of us who are a bit wise in the ways of our Government, have surrendered to the idea this same Government has, and will, screw us. So far, it has been in smaller increments, to the degree where we are able, but not amenable to adjust. This health care plan, that was crammed down our throats without our opinion or permission, brings such a monumental expense to millions, they may never recover.

Just as daylight savings takes an hour off of one end of the day and puts it on the other end, it's still the same length of time. Obamacare has led to the loss of health care to millions of people in order to give it to millions of others. You still have approximately the same amount of people without healthcare and without financial means to secure it. The real disaster is they manage to assess a fine if you don't comply. You could say the situation is Obaminable!

We have seen the problems of the Government website. We have heard the insurance companies balking against paying for services when they're not sure exactly what they have to pay for. We have seen Obama give exemptions to certain groups and moving deadlines from day to day trying to fix the situation. And it's being done under presidential edicts, some being against the law of this same health care bill, and the law in general. We have seen Obama offer subsidies to some to help pay for insurance. And the working middle class is the one that gets stuck for all of this.

I would guess that the cost of this disaster would have been only a fraction of the current cost (we don't really know what it will end up costing us) if just the people without health care were given it free and rest of us left alone. We still would have complained, but the cost would have been obtainable without total disruption of our lives and the economy. The economy is another story on it's own, and the effect on it will be realized soon enough.

Unfortunately the healthcare bill will stay, at least until it's repealed or amended. How soon this will happen could depend several things. 

1. How far down the President's ratings go.
2. How many Democrats loose their jobs in the next elections, and if they can run far enough away from the President for that not to happen.
3. And the final thing is how many millions of disgruntled people will storm the White House before the end of the president's term and demand that his lease is up and to get out.

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