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The Rantings Of A Retiree Vol 6

Barry Worrell - March 6, 2012

Junk Mail: It just dawned on me the Post Office used to be able to filter junk mail from your box if you ask them to. I do know they're having problems and like other large agencies (and seemingly everyone else), spend more than they make. It really boils down to the individual to handle the situation, which isn't a bad idea, even if they don't think so. As you know, there's a rumor around we're not smart enough to do that.

With all of the identity theft going on, we are now getting a record amounts of unsolicited mail which has your name and address printed on application forms of every type. Nothing like making it easier for thieves to get to your identity, right?

I have a shredder for junk mail which makes nice packing material for sending packages back east to the grandkids, which their parents complain that it makes a mess when you open the package. The shredder serves another purpose, and that's to nudge you into examining your mail closer. I love finding mail back envelopes that have "postage paid" printed where the stamp goes. I like to seal them with nothing inside and drop them in the mailbox. Now the post office has something to do and it might give the sender the idea we don't want that kind of mail. Wouldn't it be great to bombard these senders with empty envelopes? You know they would have to open each one to make sure there's not a check in there. I don't know, maybe they use an x-ray machine for that.

What we need is a "big 'ol petition" to send to the law makers in Washington, that tells them to pass a law that prohibits the printing of names and addresses on application forms, on unsolicited mail. Wait a minute! I just read what I wrote. Congress: (lowest approval rating ever) New law: (what else will they earmark to it?) = Disaster!!

Just forget it.

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