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The Rantings Of A Retiree Vol 7
Benefiber, Pepcid Complete and Cable TV

Barry Worrell - June 27, 2012

Since June of 2008, this is my seventh rant. I know you might be saying, "Thou Doth Rant Too Much". Well, maybe so. It has been said if you write a letter (blog), and print it so all can see, there will be another 1000 folks that will agree, it should be more due to inflation. That could possibly encompass the entire amount of the readership of the Aldersonian. I would like to think so.

This episode of my rant does include things I dare say relate to all of us. So let's start with them in the order as it is in the sub title.

Benefiber: Without giving a complete description of the benefits of Benefiber, we'll just say fiber is beneficial. Personally I get great relief from Benefiber (Ops, I said I wasn't going to get descriptive.)

Here in the Phoenix area, you can no longer find powered Benefiber in the plastic container. And if you inquire as to the reason, either with the merchant, or on the internet, you get some rubbish about packaging problems or they have it on order. But It never comes in. However, the merchants; Safeway, Albertson, Walgreens, Frys, Wal-Mart, and other large chain stores, very quickly restocked their shelves with their own brand. It's almost as if they knew this was coming.

The very same thing happened to Pepcid Complete (a chewable antacid that gives immediate relieve and many hours afterwards) and I get the same excuses.

Although, so far, the results have been the same with the Wal-Mart fiber product, so there's not too much of a complaint there. But the merchants that no longer carry the chewable Pepcid, and have replaced it with their own brand, have replaced it with a horrible tasting tablet. Pepcid Complete has very pleasant berry flavor. What's more, all of the merchants get their brand from the same supplier. I have bought the product from most of the above mentioned stores and found it's the same tablet. It even has the same 4 digit number stamped on one side of it.

There is a suspicious pattern developing here and I would like to know why.

Last, but not least, cable TV: I have my TV supplied though Cox Cable. I don't subscribe to any pay-per-view programs. I don't subscribe to HBO or any movie channels. I don't subscribe to get all the football games, baseball games, basketball games or any other channels that are dedicated to one particular sport. I do have a lot of HD channels, which are free, wink-wink, as long as I subscribe to the corresponding standard vision channels, which I have to pay for. I do get a lot of channels but I'm paying about a hundred a month for TV. Since we are trying to cut our expenses, we listed the channels that we actually watch. To our surprise, only about a third of what we get. The real gripe is in order to get the ones we want, we have to take what we are getting now. Because they are arranged in certain "tiers", our only choices are to eliminate many of our favorite channels, or just let it stay as is, or eliminate TV altogether. Hmmm....If we did that, I just might not need the Pepcid Complete.

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