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Movie: The Iron Lady

A Review, Sort Of

Barry Worrell - January 18, 2012

Linda and I just saw the movie, The Iron Lady, about the conservative British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. When the trailers were starting to show on TV, we were anxious to see it. Being fans of British films we had high hopes for this one. I checked it out on the Internet Movie Base and saw it had a lot of British actors we were familiar with from watching Poirot, Marple, and other British TV productions such as Midsomer Murders.

Meryl Streep, academy award winner, plays Margaret Thatcher. Probably one of the few Americans in the film, but you would never know it. Her makeup was excellent and she bore an amazing resemblance to the real Margaret Thatcher, even had the voice down also.

The film had a couple of surprises for me. The script was written in the "flash-back" mode, which I didn't care for. Mrs. Thatcher is now an old woman suffering with a weakening body and what might be call "shock dementia" from the loss of her husband. The film shows her recalling herself as a young woman, developing her political views from hearing her father's speeches, to her political career.

The other surprise was hearing her conservative views, in detail, on how to run the country, and implementing them. The scene in Parliament, where both sides were arguing how to get the British economy going again, was a jaw dropper. You would think you were listening to our Politicians today. I dare say Hollywood would have never made this film if Martha Thatcher had been President of the United States. Tell me, when was the last film you saw about a Republican President? I rest my case.

If you don't know that much about Thatcher, I would recommend it. It's not a great film, but it has value.

Kudos to Meryl Streep and also to the British actors. They seem to never get larger than the part they're playing. They just make it very believable, and that's why I enjoying watching them so much.

I give it three stars.

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