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(That Means From You and Me)

Barry Worrell - October 16, 2012

Ever hear of the  auto battery company called A123 Systems? This is from the Associated Press: DETROIT (AP) -- Short of cash and hurting from weak sales of electric cars, battery maker A123 Systems Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday and quickly sold its automotive assets.

Another Obama backed company that's gone belly up here in the good old USA. By the way, they were supposed to make batteries for the "Fisker" auto maker in Finland, also backed by Obama. That make 3/4 billion dollars invested (That Means From You and Me) by the current administration that we'll probably never get back.

It's been a common theme for the last four years and we have also heard about the solar power companies that have closed their doors because there's just not enough demand for their product, at least not yet. They have received Obama's investment (That Means From You and Me)

The way the government gives out grants (how about a grant to watch sick shrimp run on a tread mill, or build a mechanical squirrel to attack rattle snakes) you would think they might look a little deeper into the subjects of investing (That Means From You and Me).

It must be nice, when you want to invest money, to just dip into that ever flowing investment bank (That Means From You and Me), and do it, without fear or consequences. If you and I did that, we would be broke in a New York minute.

I just hope when the President starts talking tonight, about how he want to invest in the future to better the economy, remember he's talking about getting it from You and Me!

Soon even the government's investment bank will go dry and then what will we do?

Ever hear the saying, "Liberalism is not so bad until the other person's money runs out". And that my friend, is You-and-Me..................

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