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Automobile Ads in Alderson

Barry Worrell - July 17, 2012

Below are two newspaper ads that Barbara Hullings sent me. The first one is a Miller Ford ad featuring two 1960 cars; The first one a Ford Falcon and a Ford Fairlane 500.

Ford introduced the "compact" Falcon in 1960 and I thought it was neat that I purchased the first one Charlie Miller had. It was a two door, white with a blue interior. I paid, or should say financed, $1750.00 for my first ever automobile. It didn't have a radio or a heater. Since I had been hired by American Airlines at O'Hare field in Chicago, it was a wise decision to have Miller's install one before I left for Chicago. Unfortunately since this was a brand new model, Miller's did not have any parts for this car yet, and that included a heater. So the mechanics at the Miller's garage install a truck heater which hung down in the area of the feet of the passenger's side. Factory installed heaters are up under the dash and have vents to heat all areas of the car. This truck heater had a small grill in front of it that produced warm air only directly in front of it. They took a piece of wood, screwed it on with hinges so I could direct the air on to the drivers side. I still froze. The next time I was in Alderson I had both a factory heater and radio installed. Compact cars were new at that time and it was fun watching people watching me.

I bought two more cars from Charlie Miller, a'63 Falcon 4 door this time because I had two kids by then, and a 68 Fairlane which was had now become a "mid-sized" car.

The next add is for a 1960 Oldsmobile from Copeland Chevrolet Co. Mr. Copeland had talked to me about buying a Corvette, an automobile that I certainly drooled over, but it seems in my formative years I had developed a dislike for GM cars and preferred Fords. I felt Fords had more of a hot-rod demeanor than GMs. I've never bought a GM car.

Although I didn't care that much for GM automobiles,  overtop of Copeland's show room was their service  area, and at a younger age we bicycle riders road in and would look around for such things as old ball-bearing, piston pins, or any discarded item we could have and carry around in our pockets. There, worked a delightful gentleman named Johnny Coiner, a good mechanic and friendly person who didn't mind us young scavengers lurking about the place. You never heard "Get out of here kid, you bother me" from Johnny. He talked to us and seemed genuinely interested in us.

I always thought it was a shame that both of these companies were no longer Alderson.

I'm sure there are a lot of you that purchased automobiles from Miller's or Copeland's. It would be interesting to hear about your first car even if it wasn't a Ford or Chevrolet.

To see the advertisements, click here for the Ford ad, and here for the Oldsmobile ad.

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