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The Time Bill Gates And I Had Something In Common

Barry Worrell - April 26, 2011

1986 was a fair year for automobiles, especially two that I recall. One was the little Dodge Omni GHL, and the other, Porsches' 959 super car. The differences between these two cars is immense. The GLH had a 4 cylinder engine with a compression rate of 10:1, with 110 horse power and the 959 had a flat head 6 with a compression rate of only 8.3:1, but it had 450 horse power. The GLH would do 0-60 in 10 seconds, but the 959 did it in 3.7. I don't recall the top speed of the GLH, probably over a 100, but the 959's top speed was 197mph. The GLH cost $10,000 and the 959, $225,000.

Now, what does this have to do with me and Bill Gates? In 1986 we both bought new cars. Guess which one I got?

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