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So What is Fair?

Barry Worrell - October 1, 2011

The President is continuing his message on taxing the rich more to help pay the national debt and create jobs. I would prefer to say it's to bail out our government from their bail-outs, over spending, over regulating, pork, and trying to govern from inside the house without going out in the yard to understand what the problem really is. If one part of your yard needs some fertilizer and the other part needs less water, and you keep poring more water all over, you simply do not understand the problem.

OK, I concede that the country is broke and the majority of us could use more money. If I had more, I would be able to stay in my home a few years longer, and not be a burden on my kids. I don't want a hand out from a government issued program that basically robs people such as my son and his business. For him to help me out would be appreciated by me and my wife. But to have to pay "his fair share" for the whole country is not fair.

The President keep saying the rich must pay their "fair" share. His first level was anyone who makes over 250,000. But, let's say a million. Case in point: For the last 25 years of my life in the work force, I worked for my good friend Bob. (Bob is not his real name, but I like the name, Bob) Bob started a business in 1972 in a little store that was only 600 square feet. If I'm not mistaken, he mortgaged his home to do that. His business grew and grew and he kept investing back into his business, to the point he had to move to a larger store. 3900 square feet. Here he could buy more stock and hire more folks to work, and most of all, be of better service to his customers.

The larger store brought more prosperity but it also brought more expenses. I don't remember exactly what his rent was but let's say 10.00 a square foot. 3900 feet x 10.00 a square foot = 39,000.00 a month = 468000.00 a year. Almost a half a millions dollars. There were a few years we did over a million a year. Well, what's the problem? You still have over a half million left.

When you lease a store, what you get is a floor, a ceiling, and four walls. (Consider it fortunate to be able to use what was left behind by the last tenant, such as carpeting, and other fixtures). If it needs repainting, you do it. All stores have air conditioners/heaters, and usually multiple ones. If they break, you fix them, or replace them. You are responsible for the electric bill, the water bill, and the fixing of toilets (cleaning of these also) When you're in a mall, you also pay your share for the cleaning of the mall and even the parking lot, and the maintenance of the these areas. They call it "Common Area Maintenance". You have to pay salaries, insurance, and cost for any other devices you may use in your business. Taxes! State and Federal. Also comply to any regulation that the state or federal agencies may impose on you, which also cost you. Even possibility of the E. P. A. getting in there. This is like owning a home, only on a larger scale.

Oh yes. The cost of stock. Usually you don't buy it all at once, but suppose you carried a 100,000. in stock. There is usually a freight charge it just getting to you.

So, if you gross a million a year, would you consider yourself rich if you had the responsibility and burden of all this?

These are the people who will be greatly affected by making them pay their "fair" share and there are those it won't bother at all. They won't like it, but it won't put them under as it will in a lot of cases.

So, what is fair? You tell me.

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