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The Rantings of a Retiree - Vol. 5

Barry Worrell - June

You are probably familiar with the video games that our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids play. There's Play Station, X-box, games on your PC, and many more. I know what you are thinking, but don't get involved with these games. It will only lead to total frustration and you will not be happy.

My grandson has Play Station and one of his games is called, "Need for Speed". You might guess it involves cars, cool cars, car you would really love to drive. As I was watching him play this game, it looked very interesting. I wanted to try it. I wanted to drive a Ferrari around that course and try to out run those cops. So, I tried, and tried, and tried. The best I could do was go back and forth from side to side of the road. The thrill of going straight and around curves at excessive speeds was not coming easy. In fact it wasn't coming at all. At my stage of "geezer-zimers", which is to loose patience very quickly and stomp out of the room, I vowed never to fool with those danged things again. So much for my vow.

On the internet I found this game "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2". (drum roll) And, the best thing, it was a demo that you could download for free! Now you're talkin'. My mind started to envision the scenario. I could download the demo and learn to play on it. Then, if I could manage it, I could purchase the full game.

I downloaded the demo and tried to play it without a controller. (That's the little device that the kids hold in both hands and work all the buttons on it). Although it is possible to control my Ferrari (Yep, it's got a Ferrari), with the keyboard of the computer, the results were the same; back and forth across the road, getting nowhere. However at this stage, I'm hooked! I go to Best Buy and get a controller. Results were the same, but the longer I played, the better I got. Hey! I can do this.  I practiced for about a week. I still run in to guard rails and walls but I can complete the course. And the best thing is, I can't tare up my Ferrari. It shows dents,  bent hoods and scratched paint, but it's all fixed on the next game. Now, to the full game.

I saw on Amazon the same game I was practicing on. Let's see... they have them new for 26 dollars and change, but you can get a use one for $17.00. I have bought used DVDs before and haven't had a bad one yet, so why not try the used game. I ordered it from one of Amazon's third party vendors that uses Amazon to sell their wares. It took almost three weeks to get it, and when it came I installed it on my computer and when I tried to set it up, it asked for a activation key code that didn't come with the game. I emailed the seller explaining the problem and he said he would get me the code.

In the mean time I contacted Atari, who is the manufacture of the game, to see if they could give me a code to activate the game, and my on line chat with one of their representatives is listed below: The number, 2392080979 is me.

Rosie: Hi, my name is Rosie. How may I help you?
2392080979: Hello
Rosie: Hi.
Rosie: Can you please give me your email address in which your game is registered with an EA account ?
Rosie: Did you register the game ?
2392080979: I need a new serial number for the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game I bought from Amazon. It was used.
2392080979: min7th@cox
Rosie: In order to assist you in this case further, I would also request you to take a scan copy of your game manual where the codes are printed along with the purchase receipt with your signature and today's date."
2392080979: Didn't get a manual
Rosie: Please wait.
2392080979: OK
Rosie: The email address you provided is invalid in our data base.
2392080979: Then I must not have registered it. I was in the process of installing it.
2392080979: It wants a serial number
2392080979: you did see where I said it was used?
2392080979: Hello, did you fall asleep?
Rosie: No.
2392080979: Do you need any thing from me?
Rosie: I would request you to please provide me the game manual and the game cd.
2392080979: As I said before I didn't get a manual, it was a used copy from Amazon.
2392080979: did you want me to scan the disc?
2392080979: I can do that
Rosie: No, I need you to please provide me the game manual of the game where the code is printed on it/
2392080979: If I had that, I wouldn't be talking to you. Please read what I've been trying to communicate to you.
2392080979: Shall I explain it all over again?
Rosie: I am very sorry to say, But if you are not providing me the code of the game then we will not grant you a new code.
Rosie: I mean the game manual.
2392080979: Then what you saying that the 20.00 I paid for game did me no good.
Rosie: In order to assist you further, I will need to escalate your issue to our Tier 2 chat support team. This may take a few moments as the agent reviews the incident history to better assist you
2392080979: I would appreciate that. Thanks for your time.
Rosie has disconnected.
Josh W.: Hi, my name is Josh W.. How may I help you?
Josh W.: Please give me a moment while I review the Chat Log so that I can understand exactly what the issue you are having is today and the troubleshooting steps that have already been done. Your time is very valuable to me and I do not want to waste it by doing troubleshooting steps we have already followed through with.
2392080979: OK
Josh W.: I understand your purchased a Digital Copy of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit from Amazon and the code was used?
2392080979: yes
Josh W.: I do understand how frustrating this can be, and I will do everything I can to help get this issue resolved for you today.

Please take note of the following Chat ID: 793356. This will be very important if you happen to get disconnected anytime during this chat or need to refer back to this same issue. You can always get back in contact with Live Chat and give the next Agent your ID so you do not need to re-explain anything.
2392080979: but I knew it was used.
Josh W.: I apologize for the inconvenience but due to the fact that the code is used you will need to purchase another one or go back to the retailer that sold it to you.
2392080979: It sounds as if I was the first person that ever bought something that was used through Amazon
2392080979: You do know that people use Amazon to sell used product?
Josh W.: I personally do not.
Josh W.: You did?
2392080979: It's standard operating procedure.
2392080979: Check out one of your games on Amazon and you will see they have used copies
Josh W.: Well those codes, once redeemed to an account, can never be used on a separate account.
2392080979: can you give me a new code?
Josh W.: You will need to purchase a new one. Preferably an unused one.
2392080979: Not to say you're not telling the truth, but I don't believe you.
Josh W.: I apologize but you knowingly purchased a USED code. I cannot assist you with this issue.
2392080979: Well, I don't think I'll buy any of your products. You don't seem to live in the real world
2392080979: Thanks for your time, and it was very educational.
You have disconnected.

Sounded a bit frustrated, didn't I?  After this session with Atari, I copied it and included it in another email to the guy that sold the game to me.  I contacted him several times, and each time he was "in the process of getting me a code". He never did get me the code, and Amazon's procedure wasn't much better, but they did say if there were enough complaints against this guy, they would not allow him to sell through Amazon any longer. They also said I could register a complaint with the seller for a refund. I had already ask the seller for a refund and he was very reluctant and offered a partial refund. I decided not to pursue that, but I can't help that feeling one of these days I may need that $17.00.

As I  told the fellow from Atari, I'm not going to buy any of their products. However, enter "Test Drive 2". No cops chasing me, just driving my super car on a highway. I even have a selection of automobiles and highways. Forget the Ferrari. This time I'm getting the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the world's fastest production automobile. One thousand, two hundred horsepower V-12 engine and a top speed of 267 mph.

Already I've learned, "never say never" for this game is also made by Atari.......... Oh well, Forgive and forget. That's what I always say.

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