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There Goes My Blood Pressure!

Barry Worrell - Mar 7, 2011

First I would like to thank Rick Hughes for his article on Jobs. For myself, it reminded me of one thing that has really aggravated me and my blood pressure. As we all know, we are suffering from  high unemployment. There are a lot of people that want to work and feel that responsibility to do so. Then, we have these senators (I deliberately used small caps in this case) in Wisconsin who have fled from their responsibilities like whining children that are taking their marbles and leaving town. One would hope that our elected officials would be an example to the people on conducting one self on how to be a good citizen. (Pardon the pause there, I had to stop and laugh at my own statement.) I rant on. Our elected officials do some good, but seem to fail much more. These cowards have reached the point where they don't even have the scruples to succeed or fail!

The Senators that are still coming to work in Wisconsin have passed a resolution to fine the hiding herd $100.00 a day until they come home. $100.00 a day. Like that's going to make someone move.

The actions of these people are totally insubordinate to the people that elected them. They should have their paychecks terminated until they come back, and on top of that pay a fine for each day, and it should be a lot more that 100 bucks a day. As I understand it, there is a petition to recall these reprehensible renegades. I wish it would happen.  Although it would mean anything, I would love to sign that petition. Sure would make me feel better.

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