1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


May Day

Barry Worrell - May 8, 2011

According to research, the celebration of May Day had its beginnings in pre-Christians times and has been associated with unmentionable ceremonies to political celebrations (which should remain unmentionable). Many of these featured the May Pole Dance; most likely the only thing in common with Alderson High School's May Day.

The celebration was focus mainly on the graduates of that year, with participation from elementary students, and the School Band. For a lot of them, it was time for a new gown, suit and shoes.

With the help of some photos from the 1958 and 1965 graduations, and one from Tom Roush, we can stir up a few memories. Please feel free to add your own corrections or comments.

The band usually sat to the left of the May court, and had several numbers to play. The main song was "Pomp and Circumstances" while  Seniors, paired up, guy and girl, would slowly march down from the school building to their seats in front of the pine trees. In the center was seated the elected May King and Queen.

(Band picture - Tom Roush)
(May Court - Class of 1958)
(Audience and May Pole Dance - Class of 1965)

The audience sat on the right side of the lot by Virginia Street. It had a very good turn out.

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