1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Elementary School Building

Barry Worrell - August 11, 2011

While going through some photos of my mother's, I came across this one of the elementary school building. It shows the process of removing the bell tower, although there is debris, but no one on the roof at the time of the picture.  Notice what looks like a pine tree on the left. On the right, another tree which is either dead or lost it's leaves, could be fall or spring. In the background, the high school. Most surprising to me, in the front of the building, is a  dumpster. I didn't know they had them in those days. I don't know what time of the year it was, or what year they took off the bell tower, but it had to be at least 1928 or after. Perhaps some of you may know more and will pass it along in the comments box.

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