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Chasing The Unicorn - Political Commentary

Barry Worrell - July 20, 2011

It seems the Republicans are chasing the Unicorn. You know, Obama's plan to get the economy going. He certainly talks about it enough. The GOP keeps submitting their plan and Obama and the Democrats keep rejecting it. The Democrats keep doing their "demdist" and continue to use their little catch phrases. "The Republican plan will kill Social Security" "It gives the rich a tax break". And Obama keep talking about his program but never does he put in on paper or get a bill submitted. Obama, in one of his "we were born yesterday' statements,  is complaining about stopping industry from going overseas. Why do you think they went overseas? Because the government taxes the bejeebers out of them. Why do you think Texas has created 35% of recent new jobs? It's because Texas has offer them tax incentives to come to Texas. Less taxes=more investing in business=more hiring=more spending=higher revenue for the government. Who cares if a company get rich. If it is industry that hires workers, it shouldn't make any difference.

So, what about the Unicorn? The fact is, it doesn't' exist. And neither does Obama's plan. But it is certain they will tax and raise the debt limit as it suits them.

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