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Christmas Already?

Barry Worrell - September 23, 2011

Yesterday I went shopping with my wife. I don't usually go, for as most men know, we buy, we don't shop. If we need something, we find out where we can get it, and we go buy it. In and out. Simple as that. But I do go with her every now and then because she wants me to. Why am I so good to her.

Seriously, I can usually find something to look at and even find things that interests me. We went to Stein Mart, which a lot of you ladies know, is a basically a store for women, and you don't usually see guys walking around in there.

Being the only guy, except for one clerk, I walked the whole store. I found out they do have a men's department, and it's pretty nice. But I've lost my interest in clothes because it's so laid back here in Arizona. If you have on shorts, shirt, and some kind of footwear, you're properly dressed for almost anywhere.

I did come across a small, but nicely designed Christmas display. I had heard on the news that stores were putting out Christmas items early because of the bad economy, and I really have no problem with that. People in business now days must be creative to make ends meet, and some still can't.

They had a display of Christmas cards, about 20 different boxes. I love to look at Christmas cards and I always have since I can remember. My mother use to collect them and I would get then out from time to time and look at them. I started reading the fronts of the cards on display and only two of them said "Merry Christmas". All the rest said "Season's Greetings", or "Happy Holidays". This has been going on for a while, and it was no surprise to me, but it did make me sad.

I have to say I long for Christmas the way it use to be. I would like to see a nativity scene displayed without some long nosed malcontent trying to legislate against it, and succeeding. I wish retailers would bring back the name "Christmas" in their displays because that's why they have this busy season. It's also sad how Christianity has become the ugly sister and is not given anywhere the respect that other religions in our country have. When the clerk says "Happy Holidays" as you leave, Linda and I always answer with "Merry Christmas!" So far, we haven't been kicked out of any store for saying that.

I think of all the money that is made during the Christmas season and it's sad they want to exclude the name of the reason the whole thing started. Maybe God has planned it that way. Maybe He doesn't want His son's name associated with what Christmas has become.

 If you don't know the name, I'll tell you. His name is Jesus. 

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